Frequently Asked


 What is NHHG's purpose?

As a community of Christian homeschooling families, we love and support each other weekly by offering our time and individual experience in teaching academic and enrichment classes to students from grades 5 - 12.

What is your group's religious affiliation?

New Horizons is made up of Christian families from various denominations who meet in our centrally located host church, Celebration Community Church, 1048 South Mountain Road, Dillsburg, PA.  We sign a Christian statement of faith as part of our membership application.

When was your group founded?

New Horizons was launched in 2015 by a group of families who had been together in a previous co-op.  We have added new members and have pooled our experience and education to provide excellent academic classes and enrichment programs for our kids.

How many families are in your group?

We average around 20 families. Some families live in Dillsburg but most travel from Adams, Cumberland, and Dauphin counties.  From these families come about 50 students, ranging from K4 to 12th grade.

What is your student age requirement?

The requirement for new families is that there be at least one student in our middle school or high school program. However, as a group whose focus is on high school level courses, we accept a limited number of families who do not have high school level students.

What about younger siblings?

We provide enrichment classes for elementary age students, where they can learn and socialize through fun activities.

How much do your classes cost?

Our annual dues are $200 with an additional $20 non-refundable registration fee.  This entitles each student in grade 6 and above to take as many classes as they would like for the year and elementary age students to participate in our full day enrichment program. Parents must purchase books for their student(s) and pay lab fees as needed.

What are your fees?

Annual administration dues, lab fees and student materials, not tuition per class, allow us as families to pay less per year for the same middle and high school classes that are offered by tuition-based organizations because member parents are teaching.

How often do you meet?

We meet each Tuesday at Celebration Community Church in Dillsburg for a 30-week school year, offering 5 class periods, a 30-minute devotion, and a lunch period each week. Study halls are offered for periods where no class is chosen.

What classes do you offer?

Please click here "Classes We Offer" to view our classes.

Who are your teachers?

Parents lead, teach, and support the group through a weekly full-day commitment.  Each parent’s prior teaching experience, educational background, and passion for a subject is matched with the courses our families request. We also mentor parents who are beginning to teach at the middle and high school level.  New Horizons’ half-credit and full-credit graded courses meet the criteria of the PA Homeschool Law and fulfill the requirements for our students’ high school transcripts.  When needed, outside tutors offer classes that cannot be filled by parent-teachers.

What if I've never taught in a classroom?

Each parent has experience to offer – even those who are new to teaching at the high school level. We strive to place new parents in helping roles their first year whenever possible .  Once a parent acclimates to co-op life after that first year, we encourage and mentor parents to step up into teaching roles, matching each parent's knowledge, interests, and gifts with classes as best we can.

What is the commitment you require from parents?

One parent from each family stays the full day every Tuesday, investing their time serving the group in some of the following ways: teaching high school level classes, providing instruction to middle school students, helping to facilitate the elementary program, providing nursery care if needed, and taking care of administrative tasks and our church facility.