Who We Are


Invested Teachers

We believe that we, as parents, are the most invested teachers for our children. As they enter their middle school and high school years, we know our need for resources increases to provide them with upper level courses.


Strong Families

We all come from strong families and solid individual homeschools, yet we have decided to pool our resources to offer a range of academic courses. The weekly classes and at-home coursework provide the accountability that keeps our students on track through the year.  As parents, we hold onto our individual homeschool autonomy, deciding which courses will benefit our older students.


A Supportive Community

We have created interesting classes for middle school students and learning fun for the littlest ones. Our families keep that togetherness that is the hallmark of homeschooling. 

Each mom gets to contribute her special talents to bless others, and the setting provides opportunities for parents to pray together, support one another, and have fun together.  This keeps the teaching and helping each week from being a burden!  We believe that as homeschoolers we can do it alone, but we can often do it better together.  Come join us!